The Presbytery of the Northwest

The Presbytery of the Northwest is composed of ministers and ruling elders from Orthodox Presbyterian Churches in this area (one of 17 presbyteries in the OPC). Together those churches form the Regional Church of the Northwest, including OPC congregations and mission works in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

The presbytery has the responsibility of examining and ordaining candidates for the ministry of the Gospel. It helps to plant new churches in the area, as well as encouraging and strengthening existing congregations. It has a role in promoting the spread of the gospel throughout the world. When diaconal needs which may be too large for a local church arise, the regional church helps carry one another’s burdens. And the presbytery serves as a court of appeal in cases of disagreement with a judicial decision of a local session.

The Presbytery of the Northwest meets twice a year, near the end of April, and again in late September. The current moderator is Calvin Malcor. It is also served by other officers, treasurer, Bob Johnson, stated clerk, Donald Poundstone, and assistant clerk, Rob Van Kooten.

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