Hallowed Be Your Name

Why do you have the name you do? As Jesus teaches you to pray in Matthew 6:9 he focuses on the name of God.

God makes himself known to you through his name. The names of God are important. This was true of people; Abram/Abraham (father of a multitude), Sarai/Sarah (Princess), Jacob/Israel (prince of God), Simon/Peter (rock). Phineas’ wife named their son Ichabod (the glory is departed). God’s name is not merely a vocable, but stands for God himself. “O, my God” may be appropriate as part of a prayer, but used as an exclamation it opposes what Jesus is teaching you here. “To honor Go’s name is to honor God himself. Thus, true prayer is God-centered. Prayer can help us center; it helps us meditate on spiritual matters. But prayer is not the same as centering or meditating. Prayer brings us to God, the Creator, the Redeemer, and the sovereign Lord.” (Daniel M. Doriani, Matthew, p. 241)

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