Your bodily resurrection

As you reflect on Christ’s resurrection, think also of the reality of your own future resurrection.  The following quotes are from John Murray, the first theologian of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church:

The redemption which Christ has secured for his people is redemption not only from sin but also from all its consequences. Death is the wages of sin…. It is to dishonour Christ and to undermine the nature of the Christian hope to substitute the blessedness upon which believ­ers enter at death for the glory [of the resurrection] that is to be re­vealed….

One of the heresies which has afflicted the Christian church and has been successful in polluting the stream of Christian thought from the first century of our era to the present is the heresy of regarding matter, that is, material substance, as the source of evil….

Another form in which this heresy appeared is to regard salvation as consisting in the emancipation of the soul … [from] the body…. This conception can be made to appear very beautiful and “spiritual,” but it is just “beautiful paganism.” It is a straight thrust at the biblical doc­trine that God created man with body and soul and that he was very good….

… But whenever the focus of interest … becomes the immortality of the soul, then there is a grave deflection from the biblical doctrine of immortal life and bliss. The biblical doctrine of “immortality,” if we may use that term, is the doctrine of glorification. And glorification is resurrection. (Redemption Accomplished and Applied, 174-81)


See an excellent article by George C. Hammond published in 2006 in New Horizons.


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