Eternal Redemption

ark2cHow do you prepare for a job interview? More importantly, how do you prepare to enter the presence of a holy God? Hebrews 9:1-15 points you to the work of Christ, who has gone into, not an earthly, but the heavenly Most Holy Place for you, and has purchased your eternal redemption.

Christ, as your high priest, has entered the Most Holy Place. The Holy Place reflected God’s dealing with man. The author deals with what is at the heart of the Old Testament ceremonial system. The tabernacle had been built at the time that the covenant had been given at Sinai, and according to God’s direct instruction. The furnishings of the Holy Place are important. The lampstand, with the burning oil, pictured the work of the Holy Spirit, see Zechariah 4. The consecrated bread was a continual reminder of God’s provision and of the people’s offering to the Lord, Leviticus 24:5-9. The priests entered the Holy Place daily for the morning and evening sacrifices. There was access to God, but it was limited. Continue reading “Eternal Redemption”

The High Priest of the New Covenant

frgvwickEvents of the past few days have marked a profound change in our culture. We have yet to see the implications for concepts like personhood, the family, freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. As important as these changes in our culture are, and they may well have profoundly disturbing consequences, we need to remember that God is sovereign. As deep as those changes are, however, they are not as profound as the change that Hebrews 8 describes, the change from the old covenant to the new. And in that change lies hope. The church is still a pilgrim people, a nation in exile. Our deepest identity is not national, but rather our belonging to the body of Christ. As you appreciate his work there is hope, both on a personal level and as you look at the world around.

Christ is mediator of a better covenant. His ministry is superior to that of the old covenant. Christ’s ministry is superior. His covenant is founded on better promises. Christ is mediator in a new covenant. That covenant helps you appreciate his greatness. God himself replaced the covenant. Your better mediator has sat down, v.1.He has accomplished his work. He has ascended his throne. Your great High Priest is the theme of the Book of Hebrews. Continue reading “The High Priest of the New Covenant”