What Do You Do with a King on a Donkey?

Once a month a pastor friend of mine and I take turns driving to an early morning board meeting. My friend is big, 6′ 4″ tall, was a contractor before he entered the ministry, and still looks like he could nail 2x6s and sheets of plywood all day long. When he picks me up it is in his roomy Ram truck, a vehicle that is capable of taking a load of lumber to a work site (which he doesn’t usually do), or pulling a trailer on a hunting trip (which he does do occasionally). His truck seems suited to who he is. It fits him. I think about that when it’s my turn to drive and he folds himself into the passenger seat of my ten year old Honda Civic. What you drive seems to say something about who you are. His vehicle really suits him (though my Honda gets better gas mileage!).

John 12:12-19 records what is called the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, during which he is hailed as the King of Israel. But in this royal procession, King Jesus is mounted, Continue reading “What Do You Do with a King on a Donkey?”